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Custom Chrome - spare parts and accessories. Accessories
Custom Chrome - spare parts and accessories.

It all started in a motorcycle shop behind a two-car garage on West San Carlos Street in San Jose, California. Four friends, noticing that a growing number of motorcycle owners wanted to personalize their bikes, opened a motorcycle accessory store that specialized in chroming and polishing anything brought in. With that, Coast Cycles was born in a retail space adjacent to the garage.

Within a year, Coast Cycles changed its name to Custom Chrome Inc. (CCI) and began to seek out manufacturers of custom parts and accessories, collaborating with them on unique new items built to the company's specifications. Soon, motorcycle dealers around the country discovered the growing line of custom parts and accessories available from Custom Chrome® and the company quickly grew into an international manufacturer and wholesale distributor of aftermarket products for Harley-Davidson ® motorcycles.

Today, Custom Chrome® is one of the worlds largest independent suppliers of aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson ® motorcycles.

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